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Vehicle Calculator for shipments entering Canada
Important Note - Before purchasing a vehicle, click here for Canada's Registrar of Imported Vehicles website to see which vehicles are admissable into Canada.
This calculator does not quote the Excise Tax that applies to some "Fuel-Inefficient" vehicles put into service after March 19, 2007. Click here to determine if this tax applies to your vehicle.
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Customs Fees
          Duty: $
This is your estimated duty to pay Canada Customs.
      Excise Tax: $
This is your estimated Excise Tax to pay Canada Customs. This quote does not include the Fuel-Inefficient Excise Tax (see green section above).
          Provincial Taxes: $
This is your estimated provincial taxes. This amount will be paid when you insure your vehicle in Canada.
  Price: $
Enter the Canadian value of your vehicle.
      GST/HST: $
This is your estimated federal taxes to pay Canada Customs. Individuals from HST provinces will pay the provincial portion of this amount when they insure their vehicle in Canada.
  Air Conditioning:
      Transport Canada / RIV: $
This is your estimated fee to pay Transport Canada / RIV.
  Made in:
Enter the country your vehicle was manufactured in. This may or may not be the country your vehicle was purchased or shipped from. If you are unsure of the manufacturing country, select other. (Note: commercial imports that select USA, Canada or Mexico will require a valid Nafta certificate to receive duty free rates.)
      Brokerage Service Fees  
  Shipping To:
Select the province or territory your vehicle is being delivered to.
      Brokerage: $
This is your estimated brokerage fee to clear your vehicle through Canada Customs.
          AES 72 Hour Notice: $
This is your estimated 72 hour notice fee for filing export notice to U.S. Customs.
          GST/HST: $
This is your estimated GST/HST on Brokerage Services.
  Total Canadian Value        
This is the Canadian Value of your vehicle. If your invoices are in a currency other than Canadian dollars, Canada Customs (CBSA) will use the currency exchange rate on the date of shipment to determine the Canadian value of your shipment.
      Total Estimated    
          Importing Cost: $
This is your estimated importing cost in Canadian Dollars.
Note: This is an estimate only. Learn more by placing your cursor over each quote.
Customsquote.com cannot be held liable for any quotes below or above actual importing costs.
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